Introducing Your 2014 Section Executive Committee

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We’re excited to introduce your 2014 PRSA New Professionals Section Executive Committee! This team has committed to a year of helping you develop as a public relations professional. We’ll do this by connecting you to valuable industry resources, providing thought leadership across disciplines and offering opportunities for you to network with peers across the country.

To kick the year off and get to know them a little better, we’ve asked our Committee members to share their favorite benefit of being a PRSA member. Check out their responses and get involved!

Heather Sliwinski, Section chair
PRSA has added immeasurable value to my early PR career – not only have I found every PR job I’ve had through connections I’ve made through PRSA, but the opportunities for professional development through free webinars and in-person conferences are tremendous. If you’re on a budget, there are a host of Twitter chats, like our #NPPRSA, and online content to browse through to keep upping your PR game. PRSA people and programs are such a fantastic resource for all new professionals.

Nick Lucido, Section chair-elect and membership co-chair
My favorite part about PRSA is being able to connect with fellow members across disciplines and regions to build my network. Having a strong network is essential for new professionals and PRSA is an incredibly powerful tool to aid you in building this cohort.

JR Rochester, membership co-chair
My favorite benefit from PRSA is the availability of mentorship and professional development. PRSA is made up with thousands of professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in all areas of PR and can guide you as you grow in your career. The PRSA Mentor Match is a great resource made available as well.

Jessica Noonan, blog co-chair
I enjoy attending PRSA events in person, especially the PRSA International Conference. While engaging online is always available, nothing is more valuable than face-to-face interaction with industry leaders. We also have some specific opportunities to engage as a new professional at the annual conference!

Lauren Gray, blog co-chair
The best parts of being a PRSA member are the professional connections and professional development opportunities. It’s been very valuable to connect with other professionals to build my network and attend national events, webinars and other learning opportunities as I continue to grow.

Robert Martin, newsletter co-editor
The webinars are something that I value about my PRSA membership. The on-demand archive has a helpful webinar for nearly every industry topic you can think of, and participating in a live webinar (many of which are free for members) is a great opportunity to network and share ideas with other PR professionals.

CNJ HeadshotCandace Johnson, newsletter co-editor
I appreciate PRSA’s commitment to helping new professionals transition from college life into the work force. Besides the very useful professional development webinars available, my favorite benefit of PRSA is the opportunity to cultivate mentorships. The supportive, professional connections are invaluable. I am continually inspired to develop into my best professional self by the members I have had the opportunity to meet.

Janelle Huelsman, programming co-chair
My favorite benefit of PRSA is meeting, networking and learning with fellow members. PRSA offers great opportunities for New Pros to collaborate with their peers on industry trends and insights, and it also allows us to learn from more experienced practitioners who are constantly setting high standards for our field and the Society.

Hilary Jurinak, programming co-chair
I love that PRSA offers access to thousands of industry experts in the PR field which allows for endless networking, industry insight and new career opportunities. The networking opportunities have been valuable for my professional development and I enjoy making new connections through national and local PRSA events.

Amy Bishop, social media co-chair
Professional development experiences are one of my favorite parts of my PRSA membership. Attending PRSA International Conference, listening to webinars on-demand and attending district events are an excellent way to continue to learn about the industry and connect with other professionals.

Lauren Rosenbaum, social media co-chair
My favorite PRSA benefit is the vast amount of resources we have access to as members, whether it be publications like Issues & Trends, Public Relations Tactics, The Public Relations Strategist or the opportunity to look through award-winning campaigns. I appreciate the team that puts these resources together so we can all continue learning and growing together as a Society, and so I can always be a student of my craft.

Nicole Bersani, mentorship co-chair
In college, PRSSA was a great way to network. Now, in PRSA as a new professional, that is still true but it is at a whole different level. What I love most about PRSA it that it gives us the opportunity to connect with and learn from hundreds of new to senior professionals – and all around the globe.

Mike DeFlippis, mentorship co-chair
One of my favorite PRSA membership benefits, among others, is the free online webinars throughout the year. As public relations practitioners know all too well, we have hectic schedules.  These webinars (available on-demand after their first run!) are a fantastic resource to keep up with industry trends, helping you bring even more value to your clients every single day.

Simon Oh, diversity liaison
My favorite benefit of PRSA is the abundant networking and learning opportunities that give me a better sense of how I can become a competent public relations professional. From meeting with professionals in person to attending PRSA International Conference sessions, there’s always something new and insightful to learn that can strengthen your professional profile.

Jessica Lawlor, PRSSA liaison
How can I choose just one PRSA benefit?! Besides the fantastic networking, conferences and leadership opportunities, I really love the PRSA Issues & Trends e-newsletter that hits my inbox each morning as I sit down at my desk to start my day. The useful stories, links and tips included keep me up-to-date on the latest happenings and trends in the PR industry in a quick and easy-to-read format.

Scott Thornburg, PRSSA liaison
Like many people, the concept of “public relations” was a little fuzzy until after I had some work experience under my belt. Even then, PRSA taught me most of what I know about my current profession. The mentorship, connections and professional advice have been invaluable to me.

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