Transitioning Beyond Being a “New PR Professional”

The years I’ve spent on the New Professionals Section Executive Committee have been some of the most valuable to me as a budding PR pro fresh out of college. I find it hard to believe that more than five years have passed since I graduated and even harder to believe that I can no longer call myself a new professional.

“Fake it until you make it” has been my personal and professional motto for quite some time, but after experiencing quite a few PR agencies and finding a niche industry I really enjoy, I no longer feel like I’m faking it. I feel ready to move on from the “new professional” label and onto the next chapter.

Tis the Season: Give Your Talents in Lieu of Cash

The holidays are a very special, neigh, magical time that transform colored lights on a wire to a symbol of family, joy and camaraderie. Like the ending to The Grinch, December often comes hand-in-hand with a swelling heart and the passing out of free ear-to-ear smiles. But who says this spirit of giving has to end with the New Year? There are countless ways you can help those in need year-round, with a meaningful approach that will simultaneously strengthen your personal and professional character.

Mentor has more than one definition

We all know what a mentor means. But do we know who each of our mentors are? What about mentors who don’t have the professional title of “mentor” – what about “unofficial mentors”?

Let’s start with the first definition: mentors. These are the people you’ve either connected with through a program or have asked to provide guidance. Moreover, professional mentors.

Then, there’s unofficial mentors. These are the people who you to not only go to for career advice, but also for everyday life lessons.

Book Review: Social Media ROI by Olivier Blanchard

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Paying it forward has been a popular buzz-theme as of late, especially within the context of professional development and social responsibility. When applied to social media, C.W. Leadbeater said it best, “You are what you share.” and if this book is any indication of paying it forward, Olivier Blanchard has embodied this ideal.

Three PR skills they don’t teach you in college (and three skills they do!)

College-Classroom-stockbyte-592px-304Whether you consider college the glory days or workhorse days, one thing is certain: You sure learned a lot.

But, once college is over, new pros quickly discover that the learning has only just begun. Real world success requires a mix of on-the-job lessons and your years of college training.

If you’re in the early stages of your PR career – or you’re a seasoned pro looking to enhance your experience – here are three skills they didn’t teach you in college that you should add to your toolkit.