The Artistry of Creating What’s Never Been Done Before – Part 2

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Nicole Dobrzynski, ‎Global Football Brand Manager at Nike

“I find my creative inspiration when I am least expecting it. I find that if I sit too long at my desk and try to force an idea, it is hard to land on something compelling. It sounds cliché coming from someone who works at Nike, but inspiration usually finds me when I am out being active – playing soccer on the weekends, taking a yoga class on a Tuesday night, etc. Maybe this habit has been formed from years of playing soccer, but it always seems to happen for me. When my mind is not forced to think about something, random thoughts tend to come in that are different from a concentrated thought.

The Artistry of Creating What’s Never Been Done Before – Part 1

Before the previous World Cup, Nike asked its go-to creative agency, Wieden+Kennedy, to create ‘something that’s never been seen before and never been done before.’ No pressure, right? What sounds like an overwhelming statement at first, has now become the industry norm. 

Creativity and innovation are not only critical in the public relations and marketing profession – they are vital to generating ideas that can differentiate a brand or an organization from a million others.


Doing It All and Then Some as a New Public Relations Professional

1397056226-10-ways-entrepreneurs-achieve-work-life-balance-2In the world of public relations it’s hard to find time to sleep. New stories always need to be pitched, thought-provoking tweets need to be sent and time-sensitive crises need to be extinguished. Learning to build and maintain an image, whether it’s for a brand, organization or individual can consume your life if you let it. As new professionals we feel like we have something to prove. Just the thought of turning off our phones might make us feel like we are going to miss the PR opportunity of a lifetime. I have good news! Another opportunity will come along.

New Pros Survival Guide: Hard Choices Leading To A Better Career

This is a re-post from PRSA’s blog PRSAY. As previously featured…

Most public relations graduates exit college somewhat overwhelmed by the myriad decisions they are faced with – which city to move to; should they work for an agency, boutique or corporate; what field of PR should they practice; etc…

The options might seem endless.


For some, whether or not to join PRSA might be among the choices they’ll need to make. While the path to professional development and career growth often leads to PRSA, membership isn’t always part of the immediate career plan for young PR professionals – as Heather Sliwinski mentioned in the first installment of our New Pros Survival Guide – for others, especially PRSSA members, the transition to PRSA is anticipated and for a few it is already predetermined.

Book Review: Improvise: Unconventional Career Advice from an Unlikely CEO

This post is part of The Edge monthly series of book reviews on books relevant to new PR professionals.

51rpj75I2fL“He has worked with some of the country’s most fabled business leaders, such as Apple’s Steve Jobs, Disney’s Michael Eisner, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. He has helped introduce the world to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokémon, and the seedless watermelon,” states a blurb about Fred Cook on the back of his latest book Improvise: Unconventional Career Advice from an Unlikely CEO.

If a description like that doesn’t inspire you to read a book then I don’t know what will.