Five PR Tips From Taylor Swift

Five PR tips from Taylor Swift

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A pop princess may be the last person you’d expect to look up to as a public relations professional, but Taylor Swift is definitely doing something right. Between buzzing up constant media attention, building a loyal fan base, and staying true to her strengths, there’s a lot we can learn from Taylor about being a successful communicator.

She knows her brand. Crossing over to full-fledged pop could have spelled career disaster, but Taylor stayed true to herself by making the switch.

PR lessons from your first year on the job

PR Lessons from your first year on the jobI’m quickly approaching my two-year anniversary of being a PR Pro. These past two years have been filled with new faces, places and challenges. I’ve had the opportunity to do things I’d never thought I’d do and build connections with people I would have never run into on my own. While it’s been an exciting two years, and there have been many lessons learned.

A bachelors degree is just the beginning.

While I value and appreciate my degree, it was only a stepping stone into the professional world. Many of the things I’ve learned have been on the job. A degree provides you with the foundation, but creating a pitch letter for a class assignment isn’t the same as actually pitching a journalist.

Changing Jobs: Life On The Competitive Horse Show Circuit and My Need For Normalcy

Shortly after graduating from college with a degree in public relations, I was at the beach with my parents and revealed to them I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to pursue a career that related to my degree. Thanks to a less than enlightening experience meeting with a PR executive and an internship that made me intimately familiar with the walls of my cubicle and not much else, I became a bit disenchanted with the field. So while I figured out what to do, I went back to work in my home away from home – the barn.

New Year, New Degree: The Road to Grad School

grad schoolWhen I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in May 2012, I couldn’t wait to be done with college. Passionate about starting my career and impatient to begin my new agency job, I was ready to leave behind tests, lectures and projects for the real world.

Exactly three years later, in May 2015, I’ll be in class again – this time, as a graduate student pursuing my master’s degree in integrated marketing communications.

Why grad school?

Why De-Busying Yourself Should Be Your New Years Resolution

6780743295_889e07e1a7_bThere are approximately 500,000 words in the English language. How we weave those words together in sentences with one another is what many call “the art of communication.” Or should I say, the lost art of communication?

How many times have you replied, “I’m good” when really, last week a rock shattered your windshield so you’ve been eating pb&j’s to afford rent? And how many times have you gone to dinner with a friend (or worse, a date) only to have their cellphone receive its own placemat; as if silently saying, “I’m here for you. But I’m also here for my 600+ network of friends, should anyone message me.” A phone call or handwritten note is becoming so rare that most people don’t even know what to do when they get one. Sadly, the art of communication is a dying trade, and though we don’t like to admit it, we and our busy schedules are to blame.