April Twitter Chat Highlights: Influencer Marketing

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the April #NPPRSA Twitter chat as we discussed influencer marketing and how it can be included in public relations strategies to activate influencers and build a brand.

PRSA Twitter ChatSpecifically, we’d like to thank Mark Fidelman, CEO of Raynforest and author of Socialized!

Mark is also a regular contributor to Forbes — covering social, mobile and marketing trends.

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Review highlights of the chat below. What did you learn from the April chat? What can you do to make sure the partnership benefits both the influencer and your brand? How can you incorporate influencers into your strategies?



headshot2Lauren Rosenbaum is the PRSA New Professionals Social Media Co-Chair and Co-Founder of Soversity, a public relations and digital marketing company. You can connect with her on Google+LinkedIn or Twitter.