January Twitter Chat Highlights: Taking Your Career to the Next Level

Twitter Chat HighlightsWe’d like to thank everyone who participated in the January #NPPRSA Twitter chat to start off 2014 by discussing ways to step up your game in the workplace. We discussed some helpful topics this month including evaluating a company’s culture, how to prove the value of professional memberships to an employer and how to get up to speed quickly when assigned a new client.

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Review highlights of the chat below. What did you learn from the January chat? How can you gain employer support of your professional development opportunities? In what ways can you increase collaboration with co-workers and other departments?

Lauren Rosenbaum

Lauren Rosenbaum is the PRSA New Professionals Social Media Co-Chair and Co-Founder of Soversity, a public relations and digital marketing company. You can connect with her on Google+LinkedIn or Twitter.