Welcome to Your New Professionals of PRSA Blog

I’ll bet you read at least one blog. Your experience with that blog may include visiting the site occasionally and reading or skimming the posts. Maybe you don’t post comments. You probably don’t contribute content. These other blogs are nothing like your New Professionals of PRSA Blog!

How the New Pros Blog Fits within Our Online Networking Suite

You might have noticed, the New Professionals of PRSA have quite the online presence–Facebook, LinkedIN and eGroups (Oh My!). Why would we need a Blog as well?

Simply put, each of these groups allows us a different way to network, but none of our earlier groups allowed space for long-form interaction. LinkedIN works as a great forum for gathering career advice. So far this year, we’ve been seeking seasoned professionals to answer our members questions on career advancement, resume writing and building relationships. Facebook gets most of our event postings and news discussions, while members find they get great peer advice by posting questions to our eGroups page.

As our only long-form online venue, the Blog will be home to longer discussions and analysis. Through these posts, we can share larger ideas and experiences, ultimately leading to building relationships with our fellow New Pros and strengthening ourselves as professionals.

Keep Up with the New Pros Blog

A new post will go live every Friday morning, although our inaugural posts are ahead of schedule and going live today! Subscribe to our RSS feed, and stay current on what’s new in your profession and your New Professional’s section.

Writing for the New Pros Blog

Did you join the New Pros group looking for advancement and leadership opportunities? Did you join looking for ways to network and share ideas? Our New Pros Blog is the perfect venue to share experiences, and so we’d like to invite each of you to consider authoring a post.

Whether you already have ideas or you prefer to get assignments, whether you love blogging or you want a prospective employer to see your byline on a professional site when she Googles your name, shoot me an email! By contributing to our Blog, you can boost your resume by sharing lessons learned and newbie moments or analysis and thoughts on our profession.



Thank you to those of you who were interested in commenting on this or other posts! Unfortunately, we’re having a technical problem that prohibits anyone, even WordPress users, from posting comments. We’ve notified the appropriate techies, and hope to have this issue resolved soon. Cheers~jk.