social media… Dear Facebook, Please Grant Me (and other Page admins) These 5 Functions by Janet Krenn

To celebrate PRSA New Pros’ new Facebook URL (, I thought I’d revisit the popular topic of managing a Facebook Page for public relations and business.

Previously, I wrote a post called Facebook Group v. Facebook Fan Page–Never build a group page. I got emails from all over the world (no kidding) from folks trying to launch their own Facebook Fan Page for their businesses. Most of these folks were wondering, Have I experienced other problems they were finding? If not, how did I solve them?

Although I’ve been pretty good at answering readers’ emails, I thought, I might as well hammer out a new post (1) to let you know you’re not not alone; these functions really do not exist, and you don’t have to waste your time hunting down an answer–I’ve already wasted enough time for the both of us–(2) in hopes that some Facebook functionality genie will see this article and grant us these five functions.

1. Page admins should have the option to comment as an individual.

I think everyone who has emailed me has asked if I figured out how to comment as Janet on the Fan Pages for which I’m also an admin. Sadly, when admins comment on their wall, they can only do so as a representative of the group. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to comment as Janet on the New Pros Facebook Fan Page, but didn’t because I didn’t want my sometimes snarky attitude to be under the New Pros veil. Facebook, if your listening, make some option so that Admins can comment on the wall as individuals or as the group.

2. Admins should be allowed to edit a wall post for a period of time after its submitted.

The same is true for personal pages, but I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing worse than setting up the link, choosing the thumbnail, typing some copy and then finding you wrote “ther” instead of “the”. LinkedIN has a good model. That platform allows the poster to edit for 15 minutes after hitting submit. Facebook, I know you’re for kids and not for brands, but brands love you! Show the brands a little love and make it a little easier for us to correct typos or bad links without trashing the whole post.

3. Don’t make me choose! Let admins post more than one html bit (photos, links, videos) at the same time.

Facebook, why not? Most of the time, it really doesn’t matter, but consider this: Sometimes you want to link to a page, and the page doesn’t have any good image. So instead of a visually interesting wall post with my Page’s avatar and an interesting little image, my links don’t emit no interesting visual cue. Why can’t I upload a photo from my own computer AND include a link in one wall post?

4. Simplify the event forms.

If you’ve ever tried to schedule an event on your Facebook Fan Page, you know that you have to click through 3 times before you can publish. And each time you click, you have to put in more information. Okay, so this isn’t a functionality issue. It’s just an ease issue. Facebook, please streamline your event forms! Start by eliminating those pesky drop-down menus that do not correctly categorize my event, but you insist that I use.

5. Have updates to the discussion tab appear on the Fan Page wall.

I have no idea why you haven’t included this function. Discussions are like forums, and everyone expects that the front page of a forum will alert with the newest threads and the newest comments. I would love to use the discussions tab, but I’m not going to bother members with an email every time a discussion gets updated. And let’s be honest, without those updates appearing on the wall, I’ll forget about it anyway.

JANET KRENN administers two Facebook Fan Pages and wonders whether Facebook will ever update some of its functions to make life as a PR and marketer a littler easier. (She is also your 2010 New Pros of PRSA Chair, and the past, 2009, Communication Chair. Follow her on Twitter @JanetKrenn or contact her janetqs(a)