professional development teleseminar… Developing portfolios for your dream career (Jan. 13, 2010)

The New Pros of PRSA’s 2010 resolution is to continue delivering professional development opportunities on topics that you’ve asked for. This time, we’ve invited Heather Huhman to lead next week’s teleseminar on portfolio development for your dream career. (Register and get more information for the teleseminar here.)

Heather Huhman, founder and president of Come Recommended, is passionate about helping new professionals and recent college graduates pursue their dream careers. Huhman is currently a daily entry-level careers columnist at, a career expert for the CAREEREALISM Twitter Advice Project, as well as a contributor to other professional development outlets.

We asked Heather to tell us a little about opportunities and challenges she sees for new professionals in 2010.

1. What are some opportunities and challenges that New Pros will face in the 2010 job market?

The job market in 2010 will be competitive. New Professionals will have to stand out over other candidates, and go above and beyond just having a normal resume. They will need to utilize technology to present the best aspects of themselves to potential employers.

2. What is a professional brand and why is it important?

A professional brand is a strategic way to stand out by presenting your work experience to potential employers. Having your own brand is important because in this competitive job market, it will hopefully aid in landing your dream job.

3. Why should a PR professional have a career portfolio?

A career portfolio is an important way to demonstrate your accomplishments and skills. It’s a way to show – rather than tell – potential employers what you have to offer. Through online tools such as VisualCV, you can share your hard work and market yourself before a job even opens up.

Along with a portfolio, connecting and networking with others will be essential. Seek out recruiters on Twitter and follow them. Contribute to their conversation and demonstrate your qualifications, and you may impress them.

4. What drives your passion for helping young professionals pursue their dream careers?

As the oldest child in my family, I did not have anyone to guide me through the trials and tribulations of developing my career. Now, as an experienced hiring manager and someone who has been in nearly every employment-related situation imaginable, I am serving as that much-needed guide for others.

I feel like I know and understand the needs of today’s employers and internship and entry-level job seekers. My expertise in this area led to my position as’s entry-level careers columnist in mid-2008. The daily, national column educates high school students through recent college graduates about how to find, land and succeed at internships and entry-level jobs.

Heather Huhman will be instructing our New Pros of PRSA teleseminar, How to Position Yourself for your Dream Job on January 13, 2010 at 3pm EST. Get more information or register here.