May Twitter Chat Highlights: How to Expand Your PR Skills

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the May #NPPRSA Twitter chat.

Specifically, we’d like to thank our special guest for the month Jason Mollica, president of JRM Comm.
Join us again on June 13 at 9 p.m. EST for the next #NPPRSA Twitter chat. The June chat will focus on big data & PR measurement.

Review highlights of the chat below. What did you learn from the May chat? How do you develop new skills and find challenges that will make you a better pro? What are your favorite blogs, books and podcasts to expand your PR knowledge?

May 2013 #NPPRSA Twitter Chat

This is a recap of our May #NPPRSA Twitter chat. We discussed ways to advance your PR skills as a professional with special guest, Jason Mollica.

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Q1: How are you taking time to advance your PR/marketing knowledge & skills? What do you do?

Q1: I'll listen to PR/social media podcasts, since I'm on the go. Also do webinars when I have time. #NPPRSAJason Mollica
A1: I am reading as much as I can. Anything from books on leadership to blog posts about social media. #NPPRSASarah Bell Huff
@PRSANewPros A1 I've been reaching out to more experienced professionals for advice, as well as reading as much as possible #NPPRSARyana
Q1: Never discount blogs.. and I'd add that even ones that aren't "popular" are good. You can always glean something! #NPPRSAJason Mollica

Q2: What are your favorite PR, marketing & social media blogs to learn from?

Q2: I read as much as I can… #PRBC (shameless plug), @dbreakenridge's blog is great, so is @ambercadabra's. #NPPRSAJason Mollica
A2: I really enjoy reading @hubspot's Inbound Marketing blog and @dmscott's blog. #NPPRSAEllie Boggs
A2: Ragan's PR Daily, Fast Company and Ad Age are a few of my favorites. #NPPRSASarah Bell Huff
I love individuals blogs. I read @briansolis @chiefmartec and @britopian daily! #NPPRSAAmy Bishop

Q3: How do you connect with more experienced professionals and learn from their experiences?

Q3: I always thank a fellow pro who follows me. Start connect there, then continue to build relationship. #NPPRSAJason Mollica
A3: Informational interviews are great for meeting professionals and learning about their journey and advice. #NPPRSASarah Bell Huff
A3: I've reached out within the #PRSSA & #PRSA network to learn from experienced pros. They love helping new pros/students! #NPPRSAEllie Boggs
Q3: @PRSA chapter events are also a great place to meet, network. #NPPRSAJason Mollica

Q4: In what ways do you try to learn from your peers? How do you work with them to expand your skills?

A4: I always enjoy talking to my peers that work in different areas of PR than me and learning from their experiences. #NPPRSASarah Bell Huff
Q4: Twitter chats like #PR20Chat #PRStudChat are great places to learn from pros and peers. #NPPRSAJason Mollica
A4: Ask them the success strategies behind their best practices and work with them directly through their challenges, #NPPRSABenjamin S Butler
A4. Working cross-functionally with marketing, legal on social media initiatives has provided me the best learning experiences. #NPPRSAKellie Hayden

Q5: How can you ensure you also continue to learn about other departments that work with PR? Like sales, IT, HR, etc?

Q5: Easy. Listen to the folks that lead those areas. Ask questions. Never say, "I don't need to know that." #NPPRSAJason Mollica
Q5. Think big picture, always! PR is only one part of a bigger strategy and goal. Ask questions about others' work. Be involved. #NPPRSAKellie Hayden
A5: Open communication and willingness to learn what makes them tick. Huge for crisis comm plan coordination and org as whole #NPPRSACarolina Mohrlock

Q6: What books have you been wanting to read to further your knowledge of the industry?

I've got @chuckhemann's book on my list to read. I just don't keep it to PR. Thinking bigger pic. #NPPRSAJason Mollica
A6: I really want to read A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling by @andrhia. I am fascinated by transmedia storytelling. #NPPRSASarah Bell Huff
I can't wait to read Youtility by @jaybaer when it's released this summer. #NPPRSAAmy Bishop
Q5: @JimJosephExp and @dmscott's books are terrific as well. #NPPRSAJason Mollica
A6: I read a few chapters of Engage! by @briansolis for a social media class last term. Now it's on my list to finish! #NPPRSAEllie Boggs

Amy Bishop works in digital PR and marketing for digitalrelevance, a content marketing and digital PR agency. She is the social media chair for the PRSA New Professionals Section. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.