Making networking strides by taking baby steps by Brian Camen

Times are tough, and unemployment is still high (9.7% in March 2010). Whether it’s entry-level or non entry-level, a lot of public relations pros are looking for a position. In my opinion, real-life networking is still the most beneficial, followed by online networking. Here are a few easy baby steps to help networking jacks hunt for PR jobs.

1)      Get a Book of Top/Best Companies – Networking only works if you have someone with whom to network. A book of top companies could help you create a networking wish list. You can look up the top 25 or so PR agencies in your area, or you can use these resources to look up top companies in a specific industry, such as health/beauty or tourism.

2)      Harness the Power of PR to Make Contact –Starting with your list of 25 to 50 companies, go online and look for open positions. If there are none, contact their PR department directly. How? Every company website lists media relations contacts. (Things looking clearer now?) If there’s not a position open, use this opportunity to set up an informational interview.

3)      Be Yourself – How many times have you seen people act like a king when they try to network? There is no need to try to be someone different. In real-life or online, your networking personality should match who you really are.

When it comes to looking for PR jobs, don’t forget you can tap into a networking strategy, such as this one, without going to a networking event. By combining online and in-person networking, the job seeing jack will have his day.

BRIAN CAMEN is an Account Executive at a public relations agency in Chicago. Read his blog The PR Practitioner ( He can be reached at or @BrianCamen