Four Trends to Watch in Online Video Marketing

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The average American is exposed to thousands of advertisements per day. In responding to this ocean of information, we’ve become skilled at selective attention and retention.


So how can you make your company stand out? The answer is a well-crafted online video. Within the next three years, it is predicted that 69% of all consumer Internet traffic will be from online video. Video is the next major frontier for marketers and PR professionals, so recognizing the trends in this realm is vital to future success. 

Know Your Audience’s Attention Span

Consumers want videos, but you have to know what consumers are willing to watch. It’s difficult to get consumers to sit down for five or ten minutes to watch your video in an online environment. At the same time, conveying a strong message in a six-second Vine or fifteen-second Instagram video might not always be possible.

Finding that happy medium, generally between one and three minutes, is ideal for conveying a message while maintaining the attention of your viewers. As Mallory Perkins, Social Media Analyst for Coca-Cola, noted at the PRSA International Conference, “we have seen that videos that are shorter in length that tend to be even a minute and a half…have worked the best.” But don’t live and die by that rule. Rules after all are meant to be broken. If your media assets are only strong enough to produce 45 seconds worth of solid video content, or if the video is super engaging at 7 minutes, go with it!

It’s All About the Content Marketing

Consumers won’t seek out or spend time watching traditional marketing advertisements aimed at selling something, regardless of the quality, length or message. However, consumers are more willing to engage when there’s other value for them—in other words, if it is a content marketing video.

Clients no longer want their videos to be over branded. They want viewers to take in the message first and then associate that message with their brand or organization. Without the sales message in the forefront, consumers become much more trusting and more willing to watch the video, leading to higher levels of engagement with the customers and a better relationship with the brand. Check out some great examples of content marketing here. One of my personal favorite partnerships in content video is between Acura and the web series: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld.

Multi-Platform Accessibility is Key

As mobile capabilities continue to expand, so, too, will the demand for content that is optimized for all technological platforms. Quality, loading times and viewer size all vary by platform. And while those stats you put in the corner of your video appear completely legible on tablets and laptops, it won’t be very easy to read on a phone with a four-inch screen. Consumers depend much more heavily on mobile platforms than they ever have before, so making sure your video is viewable whether it’s on a four-inch screen or a fourteen-inch screen is vital to video marketing success.

Sharing is Caring

No matter how well made or interesting a marketing video is, if consumers aren’t engaging with the video, it won’t gain the exposure it needs to have an effect on the brand. Social networks are an excellent way to gauge the effectiveness of a video. Not only can you track how many people have seen your video, but you can read what they’re saying about it and see whether they consider it to be “share-worthy.” A good video marketing strategy usually is accompanied by a solid distribution strategy.

Has your company had success with video marketing? What worked well and why do you think it was a success?


Tod Plotkin is the Principal of Green Buzz Agency which serves as a video content creator for brands like Hilton Worldwide, Under Armour, and Cisco Systems. Tod also organizes the largest annual Marketing conference in our nation’s capital called What’s Next DC. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedInIf you are interested in applying to a PR, Marketing, Social Media, Event Planning, or Video Production internship at GBA send your resume to

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