Ask New Pros: Your questions answered

As we’ve written in the past, mentorship comes in all shapes and sizes. The beauty of it all is that everyone has something to offer–even the new pros! We’re taking questions from PRSSA members who are looking ahead to the great transition from being a student to entering the working world. Each month, look for our answers to students’ pressing questions. If you want to contribute as a virtual mentor to PRSSA by answering some questions in the #AskNewPros series, send Alyssa an email.

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“Setting up benefits, insurance, etc.”
— Ruthann Campbell, Programming co-chair

Realizing that work/life balance really is an art.

“In comparison to an internship or a semester at school being full-time has no specific end date, so you have to make a conscious effort to find your own work/life balance while giving your career all you can.”
— Jess Noonan, New Pros chair

“I thought I was prepared for everything – a new environment, new city, real job, you name it. Turns out the one thing I wasn’t prepared for was how to handle time management for a good work-life balance. I know it seems like this is such an easy thing to manage, but any YoPro will tell you that this is one thing you need to prepare for in the real-world. Time management and over-communication are extremely important traits to learn quickly. it’ll get you ahead of the rest of the interns/entry level folks if you’re an over-communicator and have a handle on your time!”
— Andrea Easley, Membership co-chair

“Making time for things I’m interested in outside of work. Everyone always talks about how important work-life balance is, but no one really explains that it’s more about making time for the things you care about. In college, it’s easy to make time for going to the gym, hanging out with friends, reading that book you’ve been wanting to finish, getting involved with an activity or organization, whatever because there are clear blocks for everything. You go to class from this time to that time, you go to your internship or to work, you study and everything fits. After college, it’s just as easy to plop on the couch after work because you’re mentally drained and fall down the Netflix rabbit hole instead of doing those things that you tell yourself you’ll get around to. It’s important to make time for things you like, even when you’re tired & busy. If you care enough about something, you’ll find the time to do it.”
— Robyn Rudish-Laning, Membership co-chair

How tired I’d feel! The adjustment to early mornings was hard. If you feel like you’re zapped every day after work, your body will adjust. Get on a good sleep schedule and stay hydrated!
— Heather Harder, Programming co-chair

The expectations of doing your job well all the time. When you’re a professional, even a new one, your supervisor and team look for you start helping them move toward their business objectives soon after you start. “Getting it right” 85 percent of the time as an intern might be great, but when you’re full-time the expectation of a good employee is more like 99 percent.
— Brian Price, Chair-Elect and Section Liaison