Looking to 2017


Welcome to 2017, New Pros!

While some of us may continue to write “2016” when we write dates on press releases and meeting agendas, it is very much 2017. None of us can tell the future, but we, as your 2017 PRSA New Pros Blog co-chairs, know that 2017 will be a year full of change.

How do we react to change, and adapt to whatever is thrown our way–both in our professional and personal lives? This is something that new pros need to consider as they start their careers and grow into seasoned professionals.

We learn from change, whether we view that change as positive or negative.

This year, the blog will explore many topics from month to month. However, what will remain throughout the year is that we, as new pros, will connect and leverage the events of 2017–whatever they may be–to change ourselves for the better.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau,

Things do not change; we change.

We look forward to experiencing 2017 with you.

Lindsay Moeller + Greg Rokisky

About your blog co-chairs



Lindsay is a Public Relations Executive for Two Rivers Marketing in Des Moines, Iowa, where she writes content and connects with the media. In addition to her role as co-chair for the PRSA New Pros blog, Lindsay serves on the Central Iowa PRSA board as the professional development/networking co-chair and volunteers as part of the Event Management Team for the Des Moines Arts Festival. In her downtime, Lindsay likes to read, pretend to be good at running and yoga, search the internet for caticorns, binge watch TV shows and hang out with her cats while drinking coffee (or perhaps some really strong tea).  



Greg works remotely as a social media and community manager for Streamline Publishing, a national corporation, as well as a freelance creative services consultant. He resides in Lansing, MI where he serves as the Central Michigan PRSA New Professionals vice-chair, PACE Awards chair, Director-At-Large, 2016-17 East Central District Diamond Awards chair. Outside of PRSA, he serves as the Membership Chair for Lansing’s Grand River Connection, a young professional networking group, as well as the 2017-18 President of the Social Media Association of Michigan. In his down time, he’s either reading a book, snapping some photos or catching the latest Indie films…all while sipping on a cup (or five) of coffee. Connect with Greg on Twitter or Linkedin.

Meet the rest of the 2017 PRSA New Pros Executive Committee HERE.

Write for The Edge

Have an interest in being published on The Edge? Check out our monthly themes below. Not seeing where your topic would fit in? No worries! Shoot Lindsay and Greg an email and they’ll work to get you scheduled into their posting schedule.

  • January: Jump-start to 2017, Welcome from PRSA New Pros National
  • February: Digital/social media + The evolving PR landscape
  • March: What does PR look like for you? (Do you work remotely? Do you work in non-profit? At an agency? Tell us your PR story.)
  • April: Continuing education (accreditation, graduate studies, alternative education + beyond)
  • May: Graduation tips and leadership
  • June: Measurement, math + PR: Embracing the data
  • July: PR book reviews
  • August: Diversity in PR and New Pros Week
  • September: PR ethics
  • October: ICON month and networking
  • November: New technology and tools
  • December: 2017 recap + looking ahead to 2018 (planning, work resolutions, etc.)

When submitting an idea, please note the topic, and which month’s theme it fits into.

Click HERE to contact the co-chairs via email.

As a reminder, contributors must be a PRSA New Professionals/PRSA paid member to be published on The Edge.

General Post Tips/Guidelines

  • Posts should be between 300-600 words in most cases.
  • Send a photo with your post and attribute the source of the photo.
  • Attribute the source, speaker or author if you include statistics, facts, quotes or surveys.
  • Start a conversation by ending the post with a question for readers.
  • Write a short biography for the end of the post. Things to include: name, job position, PRSA Chapter and social media links. Please submit a headshot if possible.

The Best 2016 PR Pact

Cheers to aPublic Relations professionals have some of the best transferable skills, meaning we can achieve just about anything. We’re great communicators, up-to-date on trends in our respective industries, digitally savvy and most times naturally charismatic. So what’s stopping us from being great in 2016? Nothing! Not even that 2 a.m. crisis that needs you to be in the office at 7 a.m., pushing internal deadlines back a day.

Let’s establish a PR Pact to be our best selves personally and professionally in 2016. Start by reflecting on the things that made you happy in 2015? Do more of that! Think about how you will define success in the new year? I like to think that success is relative and it causes more harm to compare successes of others to your own. Is your success spending more time with family and friends, being able to make time for self-care, spending time volunteering, being able to save more money, or earning a promotion at work? Whatever your success is in 2016, go for it!

Prepare for the goals you want to accomplish.

What do you need to do in order to achieve your 2016 goals? If it’s something like securing more press for a client, take time before the new year to edit and revise your media list. Pick the top 10 journalists you want to establish relationships with and start connecting with them. It can also save you time and headache to prepare a client editorial calendar of the publications you hope to pitch in 2016.

Do something for you! Now is the time to start working on your passion project.

Life is way more fulfilling when you have something to call your own. What’s that one thing you spend the most time thinking about? That’s your passion. This year, take more time to nurture your passion, you never know where it may lead you.

Surround yourself with people who will challenge you to be great. 

From networking in-person to online networking, taking time to surround yourself with inspiration is important to being your best self. What if that time you spent at networking events and on social media was focused on seeking out people in the profession you admire? This can be a formal or informal mentor, an accountability buddy or just a friend in the industry. Don’t take too much time admiring, though, as most of your energy should be towards using what you learn to reach your goals.

Remember the power of the word “no”.

What were the things that sucked the life out of you in 2015? What projects drained you and took the fun out of Public Relations? It is okay to say no, even to your supervisor. Just remember to have a reason and an alternative project to keep you busy.

If your goal is to take more time for self-care. Just like you would any other important meeting, schedule it. Say no to anything getting in the way of reenergizing your mind, body, and soul. This year, think of yourself as your biggest client.

Remember, action is the energy that translates goals into reality. A break is nice every once in awhile, but don’t be a set it and forget it type goal-getter. Take action to break boundaries in 2016!

i-zthGPGn-XL-230x300Jasmine L. Kent, a member of PRSA-NCC, focuses on building community through dynamic events and engaging online marketing as a freelance integrated communications professional in Washington, DC. Keep up with her on Twitter at@LoveJasPR or visit LoveJasPR.com.