How to Find a Job When Moving to a New City

Searching for a job is a daunting task. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a recent graduate or a professional just looking for a change, job searching is often an overwhelming undertaking. When you’re in the need for a change of scenery it becomes a whole new monster.

How to Find a Job in a New City If you’re looking to make the leap to a new city with your career there are plenty of ways to jumpstart your job search before you even pack your bags:

Research Prospects in Your New City.

Searching for a new job should always start with outlining what you’re looking for. A few questions to ask yourself as you begin searching could be:

  • What you like about your current position,
  • What environment you thrive in,
  • Company benefits,
  • How far you are willing to commute each day, etc.

Once you figure out what is most important to you, make a list of potential employers in the area and begin researching them.

Find out:

  • Which have what you’re looking for,
  • Which have posted job openings recently,
  • What kind of work they do,
  • Who to reach out to and, most importantly,
  • If you know anyone who might know someone you contact to chat and share your resume.

Try not to be too picky with what you’re looking for, but don’t sacrifice things that are really important to you.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage.

Before, if we wanted to make connections and search for jobs in a new city, we’d have to make a ton of cold calls, scour phone books and company listings and buy newspapers for the classifieds.

Luckily, the Internet makes job searching so much easier because everything is accessible no matter where you are. It’s great to have all the information you need at your fingertips, but it can be overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • Set your location to your new city before you move.
  • Join LinkedIn groups focused on your career and new location.
  • Research your desired companies and follow them for updates.
  • Use LinkedIn Job Search to find and apply for new jobs.


  • Create lists of the companies in your new area that you’re interested in.
  • Connect with influencers in your profession and desired area.
  • Join Twitter chats to meet new people & seek out those in your new city.

Make a Local Appearance.

Sometimes all that separates you from your dream job in a new area is your location. If you’re planning to make your move, take your location off your resume, make your intention to move clear during the application process and be prepared to make a trip or two.

Any trips you make should be well planned and you should explain as you’re applying that you’ll be in the area on these particular dates and that you’d love to schedule an interview.

If you’re visiting a couple of times, try to make a few informational meeting appointments for your first trip and schedule real job interviews for your second visit.

Effectively Use Your Resources.

You should always work smarter, not necessarily harder, especially when it comes to looking for a new job.

Make use of everything you have at your disposal, from job boards to alumni resources to your professional network.

Contact your alumni association to find which alumni are in your new city and field. Attend alumni and networking events and leverage your current network to grow an even larger one in your new city.

Ask your connections if they mind making a few introductions – more often than not, professionals will be willing to help a young professional or recent grad.

RobynRobyn is a graduate of Duquesne University, with a bachelor’s in Public Relations, a master’s in Media Arts and Technology. Robyn is currently a marketing coordinator by day and juggles clients for a boutique PR firm and writing for multiple blogs in her free time. Find her on LinkedIn or Twitter, read her PR-focused blog, or check out some of her other work here.


5 Ways to Build a Network and Apply For Jobs in a New City

When my boyfriend got a new job in Connecticut and we decided to journey to CT together, I had never been to CT until the night I moved in. I moved all the way from Atlanta, GA, to Stamford, CT, and knew no one in the area.

5 Ways to Build a Network and Apply For Jobs in a New CityI had a little less than a month’s notice until we were moving, but I started to apply to jobs right away. Here are my best tips for networking and applying for jobs in a brand new city:

1. Research companies in the area you’re moving and apply for entry-level jobs with up to five years of experience.

In Stamford, GE, Philips, Conair, Reuters, NBC and many more companies have large presences. Although I didn’t get a job at one of those places, I applied to all of them and even interviewed with one. It helped me get a feel for the area.

The job I did end up getting listed 1-3 years of experience and I’ve recently found that I’m eligible for jobs that say up to 5 years of experience and companies are often flexible with that part of the job posting.

2. Research and inquire about local groups that fall within your passions and interests.

For me, I was really excited to find a local young democrats group and meet new people. I inquired about their meetings and went to one of their meetings shortly after I arrived.

There are so many different local groups for running, intramurals, religion, animal rescue and much more you can find and join. It helps to network and make friends with people you share interests with when you move to a new city.

3. While you’re in the process of moving, take time to apply to jobs and interview for them.

Although I wasn’t in the area, I offered to Skype in for interviews or interview in-person once I arrived. Sometimes it can take many weeks to find a job and it helps to get ahead of the application process before you move since moving itself takes up a lot of time.

I also found the interviewers really appreciated my openness and flexibility with doing Skype interviews or waiting until I arrived.

4. Find and join your local PRSA Chapter.

I knew that I was probably going to get a job in New York City and immediately joined the PRSA New York Chapter as well. I got involved with the new professionals committee within the Chapter and met a lot of new people through networking events in the city.

Use the PRSA website to find and join your local PRSA Chapter and inquire about any upcoming new professionals activities.

5. Make friends with co-workers and others who work close to your office.

Some of the best friends I’ve made worked in offices pretty close to mine and I do hang out with co-workers outside of work sometimes. I know opinion varies on making friends with co-workers, but that decision is up to you and co-workers can be great friends especially if you’re new to the area.

If you’re at the local coffee shop and see the same person or people every day, say hi and find out what they do and where they work!

So while moving to a new city can seem a little intimidating, it’s also full of opportunity and provides an extraordinary amount of growth for you personally and professionally.

Have any other tips to share? Please post them below!

Lauren GrayLauren Gray is currently a Project Director with local creative agency The Visual Brand in Stamford, CT. She also serves as a PRSSA Liaison co-chair on the PRSA New Professionals Section executive committee. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn