Meet The 2017 Executive Committee

The Edge - Executive Committee

New Professionals Section chair

Brian Price
Digital Marketing Manager, Starwood Retail Partners
Chicago, IL

Chair-elect/Section Liaison

Hanna Porterfield
Senior Account Executive, Development Counsellors International
New York, NY

Membership co-chairs

Heather Harder
Account Executive, Prosek Partners
New York, NY

Jenn Shafer
Communications Specialist, GE Aviation
Cincinnati, OH

Blog co-chairs

Greg Rokisky
Social Media & Community Manager, Streamline Publishing, Inc.
Lansing, MI

Lindsay Moeller
Public Relations Executive, Two Rivers Marketing
Des Moines, IA

Social media co-chairs

Gemrick Curtom
Houston, TX

Arielle Schrader
Brand Communications Assistant, PMK•BNC
New York, NY

Programming co-chairs

Robyn Rudish-Laning
Communications Coordinator, South Carolina Council on Competitiveness
Columbia, SC

Veronica Mingrone
Analyst, Canvas Blue
New York, NY

PRSSA Liaisons

Andrea Gils
Marketing and Communications Manager, University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY

Laura Daronatsy
Communications LDP Associate, Lockheed Martin
Tallahassee, FL

Newsletter Editor

Ruthann Campbell
Marketing & Communications Coordinator, CareerSource Capital Region
Tallahassee, FL


Alyssa Stafford
Communications Specialist, Piedmont Healthcare
Atlanta, GA