Intro to Series… Corporate Consumer PR by Kelly Misevich

In Corporate Consumer PR we may not work on client projects in the way PR agencies do, but we have no shortage of work to do for our customers, consumers, employees, stakeholders and other function areas within our organizations. A typical day can range from working on media relations, developing internal employee communications, fostering brand awareness through community events, issues management, and promoting corporate philanthropic programs.

As a corporate consumer PR professional, branding is key. We connect our brand with customers and consumers through strategic and creative media relations, community relations, and brand awareness programs. We also ensure that employees are engaged as brand ambassadors through the use of internal communications such as newsletters, intranet sites, and company-wide magazines. Teamwork, flexibility and enthusiasm for the brand you represent are extremely important in this industry.

Challenges in Corporate Consumer PR

Some of the challenges of the corporate consumer PR industry arise when dealing with the following areas:

  • Issues management: monitoring and researching political, economic and social environments for any potential threats to a brand
  • Crisis communications: developing clear messaging during an emergency, while ensuring timely delivery of information
  • Reputation management: ensuring trust, credibility and responsibility around a brand

Non-PR Activities to Consider

If you are considering a career in the corporate consumer sector of PR you might want to consider exploring some college courses that offer insight into other function areas within an organization, while giving you the opportunity to sharpen your communication skills. I’d recommend taking introductory courses in

  • business law
  • operations management
  • finance
  • human resources.

Kelly Misevich is a Public Affairs and Communications professional for the Midwest region of Coca-Cola Enterprises. Her four years of experience include internal communications, community relations, event planning, government relations, issues management and media relations. Kelly attended Georgia State University earning a B.B.A in Managerial Sciences.